Tears, Foreman.
For Who is not afraid.

by Geoffrey McCarthy

tears, Foreman. for who is not afraid.
poorer from the poor and prior
his name for what it is by then.
he who know this knows in them there is a darkness.

what speed the car do, I enjoy but couldn’t like it all my life.
my mother, my birthday. I her years.
who shakes not, the same in honour and disgrace.
whose inner peace is beyond victory, defeat.

pure work. the heart saying, ‘it is my duty.’
pure intelligence beyond the conditions of nature.
Eternity in things that pass.
Infinity in finite things. And of the cock, a lack.

Wanderer north of Lafayette, there are older ages than this.
Eternity Eternity’s reward. a thousand birds along the BK1,
a thousand adorations from the tree line rail
for the fragrant purpose of the earthe in time.


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