Boys & Murderers
by Hermann Ungar
translated from the German by Isabel F. Cole
Preface by Thomas Mann
Cover and frontispiece by Otto Gutfreund

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This volume presents the first English translation of Hermann Ungar's
complete short fiction (novellas, stories, sketches). A writer of unique
talent and the author of the highly-acclaimed novel The Maimed, Ungar was
born in Boskovice, Moravia, and lived in Prague until his life was cut short
by illness. Taking Prague as well as his hometown for his settings, his
stories explore the depravities of the heart and delusions of the mind.
Ungar¹s work has experienced a renaissance over the past decade with new
editions appearing in German and translations in Dutch, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, English, and Czech.

"In the two novellas Boys & Murderers [Ungar] demonstrates an almost
disconcerting mastery. Here, in utterly sharp, utterly clear, almost
violently naked language, the author relates two fates with an intensity
equaled by few of today¹s luminaries. Unyielding, steely as a screw, a cruel
psychology bores its way into people, down to the innermost core of their
being: you falter, you shudder to read on, but with the relentless grip of a
man on fire he thrusts you inexorably into his narrative will, not releasing
you until the final page. I rank this little book among the most powerful to
have emerged from Austria or Germany in recent years. From now on the
greatest hopes, the highest expectations, will be pinned to this new name."

-‹Stefan Zweig

"[A] masterpiece, with such a wealth of psychological relationships,
symbolism, harrowing experience, comedy and misery, bold moral statements
and artfully evoked mystery that one has this feeling: this comes from a
fullness; here is a talent that musters its forces for deeds that will make
a stir ... extraordinary artistic courage and inspiration, a vision that has
left its mark on me forever."

-‹Thomas Mann

Praise for The Maimed:

"This is an absolutely riveting tale ... The translation by Kevin Blahut is
fine. The design of the books is a gorgeous, subtle work of art all on its

"[O]ne of the most provocative novels I have ever read."
-‹Los Angeles Times

"David Lynch and Patrick McCabe fans will fall right into this marvelously
dark and psychotically twisted tale."